Bilingual Short Course English French from scratch

Bilingual Short Course English/French from scratch

Goal :
Learn French for meeting French people and visiting France or another French speaking place.

Method :
Easy and fast : listen, repeat, read and speak, listen again very short sentences.

Programme de français à partir d’un dialogue et d’explications en anglais pour vrai débutant 

Hi! – Salut!
Saying Hi! and How are you?

At the airport – A l’aéroport
Saying thank you – Numbers 1–10

Arriving in Nice – On arrive à Nice
Saying hello and goodbye
– Getting a taxi
– Asking How much?
– Numbers 11–20

Where to stay – Où loger
Asking for a room
– Numbers 30–70

Coffee break – Pause café
Ordering drinks and snacks
– Saying please

Seeing the town – On visite la ville
Asking what there is to see and where places are
– Understanding directions

Enjoy your meal! – Bon appétit!
Ordering a meal – Paying the bill

Postcards – Les cartes postales
Sending postcards – Understanding prices

Going shopping – On fait du shopping
Specifying size and colour

In downtown Nice – En ville
Saying what you’re looking for
– Asking to be shown something

Out clubbing – En boîte
Asking for directions

Let’s chat – On discute
Saying your name and where you’re from
– Getting help if you don’t understand
– Saying you like something

I’ve got a problem – J’ai un problème
Saying what’s wrong
– Buying train tickets

On the way home – De retour
Asking and saying the time
– Making suggestions